VBR Eco Town

As a President for Vijayawada Chamber of commerce and industries and Andhra Pradesh Federation Of Chamber of Commerce And Industries, Mr Vakkalagadda Bhaskara have an insight and experience of solving tons of issues faced by traders. With the belief of think global and act local, he determined to bring reforms in the traditional way that trading is being done and travelled along with this team to many places in INDIA and abroad like Ahmedabad, surat , erode in tamilnadu, Gurgaon and Singapore , hongkong , America , london, etc and had done an extensive analysis on how infrastructure and knowledge is leveraged by trading communities.

He realized that if trading continues the way it is now, then we might get obsolete because of penetration of corporate companies. it requires a tremendous change in infrastructure and also the mindset. We are in a Now or Never Situation.

He asks a simple question?

When you are in your business place, as a business person, what do you want to focus on? Well the obvious answer is on the business but nothing else. And what is part of that else? That else is Infrastructure.

The only way a small or big trader can go to next level and compete with corporates is to optimize costs by leveraging latest infrastructure and knowledge on latest trends and market needs. How do you make this possible? Imagine a residential gated community in metropolitan cities. Some of the premium gated communities have the following in same compound:

  • Gym
  • Swimming pools
  • Jogging track
  • Temple
  • Skating rink
  • Super market
  • Hospital
  • Senior citizens conference hall
  • Library
  • Children’s play area
  • Cricket practice nets
  • Basketball court
  • Function hall
  • Lodging
  • Food court
  • ATM centers
  • Snookers hall
  • Table tennis
  • Shuttle
  • Tennis
  • Music center for kids to learn
  • School bus bay
  • And Many More

As an individual if I want, can I afford this? A big NO. But someone visualized bringing hundreds or thousands of families together in a single compound and the luxury is made economical by sharing the cost. This is the power of being together.

With direct involvement into traders issues in Vijayawada, Mr Vakkalagadda Bhaskara Rao Garu, have this vision to bring trades and traders together and make it possible to incorporate world class infrastructure by everyone for a real reform in the trading and create magic in their respective businesses.

Imagine the reality if the following list of infrastructure needs is taken care of and is available and accessible to a trader just at fingertips

  • Loading and unloading facilities and directing goods to respective shop or unit
  • Ample goods elevators
  • Plenty space for parking
  • Zero worry about road widening
  • Temperature controlled Warehouse
  • Recreational center
  • Food court
  • Multiplexes
  • Cold Storage Facility
  • Bulk Weighment & Sorting
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Transport Services related to market, cool chain & vans
  • IT Centre ensures efficient & organized physical flow of goods
  • Processing Facilities for sort, grade, wash & pack
  • Facilities for waxing & labelling
  • Handle & Store: plastic crates, package
  • Financial Services
  • Conference Halls
  • Software Services
  • Help desk within your compound providing all insights related to government policies and procedures, gst rules and regulations
  • Knowledge center giving insight into best price availability of various goods locally, nationally and internationally
  • Training centers for skilled labor
  • Ample spaces for shop or showroom, with proper ventilation, contemporary designs. A trader spends more time at shop than at home, isn’t it? Then is it not awesome to be part of awesome ambience?

What does the reality of all the above means? It simply means a landmark transforming the lives of traders. Under the leadership of Mr Vakkalagadda Bhaskara Rao Garu, Infrakruthi is all set to proudly launch such landmark through its Mega Commercial Complex project in Gollapudi.